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Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

We have the freedom to choose how we engage in the world, even if our world is very small and mean. We can choose to believe, think, act from a place of either FEAR or LOVE.

The third chakra is your personal power center.

Our Personal Power Center

A healthy third chakra makes you feel strong, capable, and able to confidently take action. Its under-use or over-use can even lead to physical illness.

Energy therapy promotes healing of the entire system.

Energy Healing 101

Traditional medical care treats primarily the symptoms of disease. Energy therapy attempts to identify the root cause of the symptoms and promotes healing of the entire system.

There are several things you can do to nurture a good sleep.

40 Winks in Six Steps

Sometimes, we can’t get to sleep. At other times, we wake up and can’t get back to sleep. What’s an insomniac to do?