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Hilzinger Healing About
Hilzinger Healing About

Healing the Whole Self

Shirley Hilzinger

Shirley Hilzinger, CEO of Hilzinger Healing

My own healing journey began over 25 years ago when I was faced with a serious health challenge that required me to take responsibility for my healing.

This jump-started my interest in healing beyond what the medical system had to offer.

Through books, seminars and help from many people, I began to integrate all aspects of myself: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This integration, this harmonizing of the self, is what I call healing.

I tried many different methods starting with nutrition, then Traditional Chinese Medicine to spiritual practices such as meditation. Many of these I still use today. However, the practice that has made the biggest and longest-lasting impact is my spiritual/emotional work. And once I discovered the method of Soul Realignment®, the progress has been tremendous.

I have a passion now for sharing this work with others. Whatever a person’s health challenges or objectives, my first principle as a healer, coach and educator is to respect and understand the whole self.

Inspiration from Unexpected Places

The paper crane is a powerful symbol of healing.

The paper crane is a powerful symbol of healing.

A magnificent bird in its own right, the crane has long been seen as a symbol of healing, longevity and human spirit in many cultures.

The paper or origami crane, which serves as a metaphor for our work at Hilzinger Healing, has a storied history in Japanese culture.

Infused with fresh meaning through the post-war story of Sadako Sasaki, it symbolizes the will to heal which empowers our efforts to seek better health and improved wellbeing.

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