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Hilzinger Healing About
Hilzinger Healing About

Healing the Whole Self

Shirley Hilzinger

Shirley Hilzinger, CEO of Hilzinger Healing

My own healing journey began over 20 years ago. At the time, I was diagnosed with a molar pregnancy. Long story short, that meant I needed chemotherapy.

This jump-started my interest in nutrition, and more importantly, my spiritual journey.

With the help of books, seminars and wellness advisers, I began to integrate all aspects of myself: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This integration, this harmonizing of the self, is what I call healing.

I have a passion now for sharing this with others. Whatever a person’s health challenges or objectives, my first principle as a healer, coach and educator is to respect and understand the whole self.


Inspiration from Unexpected Places

The paper crane is a powerful symbol of healing.

The paper crane is a powerful symbol of healing.

A magnificent bird in its own right, the crane has long been seen as a symbol of healing and human spirit in many cultures.

The paper or origami crane, which serves as a metaphor for our work at Hilzinger Healing, has a storied history in Japanese culture.

Infused with fresh meaning through the post-war story of Sadako Sasaki, it symbolizes the will to healing which empowers our efforts to seek better health and improved wellbeing.

My Consulting Suite

Consulting Suite

Our Consulting Suite

An inviting and confidential space, my consulting suite is designed to help you find new ways of overcoming health, wellbeing and personal challenges.

By embracing the possibilities of a new healing or coaching relationship, more productive ways of understanding the whole self can be developed, and new milestones reached.

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